Diamond-Motors, Inc.

How It Works

Call Today : 650.493.5200 I have a trade-in I would like to apply for credit! Licensed by DMV

It's As Easy As 1, 2, 3

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Call us for a free consultation

Once you know which new vehicle you want, contact us at 650-493-5200. We will go over your specific vehicle requirements, financing/leasing options and your trade-in if you have one.

We go to work for you and set up your account for $475

Typically, within one business day, we locate and acquire the best price for the vehicle you specified from our manufacturer representatives. Then, we call you with our search results, including the vehicle specifications, price, terms (if you're leasing or financing ), and arrival date and time.

You simply say "yes" and we get your vehicle for you.

Delivery of your new vehicle

We schedule a convenient time for you to get your new vehicle, sign the papers, and we walk you through your new vehicle to explain how all of the features operate.

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