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Client Testimonials

June 2016
New Chevy
Dear KC,

I wanted to thank you for all your hard work!! My dad & I are extremely grateful for all you have done. The car arrived this morning, delivered by 2 very professional employees. We love everything about it. Thank you again!!!

Sarah C.
Stockton, CA
May 2016
New Lexus

Thank you for the positive and painless car buying experience. It was tough fining the exact car that we wanted and you were able to find the one. Thanks for keeping me motivated for waiting for the right RX F Sport with the red interior instead of settling for something I would not have been fully happy with.

John S.
Daly City, CA
January 2014
David R.
Dear Armen,

Just a quick note to thank you for your kindness and your time. Your expertise and thoughtfulness is much appreciated, you make the purchasing of a new vehicle a very pleasurable experience.

David R. Napa, CA
April 2013
Dear Armen,

I am extremely happy with the service I received from Diamond-Motors. Armen Sadakian, president, provided me personal service that was outstanding. I was very specific about the car and trim I wanted, and he was able to order me a 2014 model directly from the factory before it even reached the dealers. He constantly kept me informed on the status of my order, and made the purchase of my car seamless. Everything can be done over the phone. I would use this service again, and highly recommend it.

September 2011
Dear Armen,

We want to thank you for your excellent service. Your perseverance and commitment to getting the job done right is an invaluable asset.

And thanks for going the extra mile to deliver the car a day ahead of schedule! Driving the CTS to Ridgecrest was like riding on a cloud.

Thanks for making it happen!!!

Jeri & James S.
April 22, 2011
Armen and Diamond Motors are fantastic. I used their services to purchase my new Tiguan on the advice of my dad who utilized them last year for his own car. Not only do I hate having to listen to the shady sales people at dealerships go on and on and on, but I try to avoid, at all costs, the haggling over the sales prices. It just is never pleasant and not something I thrive on, even though I usually have no problem voicing my opinions. When you deal with Armen, there is absolutely none of those hassles you would encounter at dealerships. I called him in the morning, told him specifically the model I wanted, the trim, the color, and the packages. Within 2 hours he called me back to let me know he found my car and it was $2K under the asking price. Two days later I picked it up from him in showroom condition. He walked me through everything in the car, through all the papers I had to sign, handled my trade in and cut me a check right there for it, and I drove out of the parking lot with my brand new car - hassle and worry free.

Thank you Armen for an awesome car buying experience.
Jennifer W.
October 4, 2010
Armen and the team at Diamond-Motors have done an excellent job at providing an easy and stress-free experience for purchasing and leasing a new vehicle. Over the past 5 years, I have purchased two vehicles and leased one vehicle through Diamond-Motors.

On every occasion Diamond-Motors has found the vehicle I wanted (usually within a few days and at a price lower than the dealerships). I just provide them with the year, make, model, color, etc of the vehicle and they take care of the rest. Once the vehicle is located, I show up to their location in San Mateo to fill out the paperwork and get the keys.

Diamond-Motors handles the trade-ins, returning of leased vehicles, test drives, financing/leasing options, extended warranties, and all the paperwork. Armen and the team at Diamond-Motors provides a very professional, knowledgeable, and friendly service and I always recommend them to my friends, family and co-workers.
Sunnyvale, CA
September 7, 2010
Just wanted to drop a note to say thank you for the birthday card. You guys are true professionals. My car still has less than 3,000 miles after all these months. Every time I take it out I get a lot of questions or thumbs up. I have yet to see another Plum Crazy Challenger. I am going to be showing the car in a car show at the end of this month in South San Francisco.
Thanks again,
Paul M.
Fremont, CA
June 4, 2008
Hello Armen,
Thank you for all your efforts with securing our new 2009 Camry. We are really enjoying the ride. Last weekend we drove it through Sequoia National Forest to Ridgecrest, CA and near the Mojave desert! We appreciate your spirit of excellence. And we are happy to send referrals your way. Take Care!
James & Jeri S.
Atwater, CA
October 5, 2007
Hello Armen,
Thank you again for another smooth, quick, and painless purchase. The new 550i is exactly what I requested down to the last detail. I am very satisfied with this transaction.As an auditor, I always overestimate on price to be sure it is cost effectiveto my budget..and you came in hundreds under, even with all the extras! I appreciate you meticulously going over every option in order for me to make the right decision, and taking the time to educate me on all the newhigh tech functions onthe vehicle.

The X5 4.6 still looks like new, thanks to the Perma Plate, but I am glad I bought the extended service contract you recommended now that the BMW factory warrantee has expired.

The Diamond Motors staff has provided outstanding service and courtesy, as usual...and has saved me the stress of the typical car buying experience. I have never trusted any dealer with a trade-in, but your price on the M3 was fair and you took the anxiety and paperwork away from having to sell it myself. I would highly recommend Diamond Motors with all auto buying needs.
Dolores Palomo
Los Altos, CA
June 3, 2007
David G.
Dear Pete,
Just a line to let you know how much I enjoyed purchasing a new vehicle from you and your associates. Your courtesy, knowledge, and professionalism was truly inspiring. You turned a usually long and drab process to a fun and enjoyable experience.

You and your associates can rest assured that you will be recommended on the most highest level to my friends, family and future contacts. Not only for you professional demeanor, but your courtesy and attention to detail.
David R.
Napa, CA
March 13, 2007
Mindy and John Runyan
We want to extend our thanks for the professional service we received from Chris during the purchase of our 2007 Toyota Sienna. We have never experienced an easier vehicle purchase transaction than with your service. Chris was extremely professional and polite and caring during the whole process. He was available at all times to answer our questions and he made sure that we were aware of all steps of the process. He paid great attention to detail and in the end we got exactly what we wanted for an extremely reasonable price. We could not have asked for better treatment (who can say that anymore!) and we want to thank you very much for the service you provide as a company and a special thanks to Chris who is a rare gem in the world of business and communication!
Thanks again for everything.
Mindy and John Runyan
Sacramento, CA
October 23, 2006
Art Schuller
Dear Chris,
The Magnum is, indeed, the car of my dreams. My thanks and appreciation to you and Armen for taking great care of me and getting me the car that I wanted. As you know, I was disappointed and annoyed by the sale strategies at the dealers I visited. Having done my homework, it seemed to me that you provided me with a great deal AND we had a lot of fun working together (at least I did).
I wish you guys nothing but the best and lots of success. You can count on me for a five star recommendation.
Art Schuller
Salinas, CA
September 25, 2006
Dear Chris & Armen,
I want to thank you both for the enormous help you were to me. The idea of going out there to buy a new car by myself was huge. So it was really just a phone call to you was all it took. Because of the huge cost savings I was able to get more car than I ever owned. I LOVE my new car.
I really hadn't planned on buying a new car now but it looks like it all worked out for the best. Your help and friendly voices were priceless.
Thanks again,
Debbie G.
Orville, CA
August 2006
Dear Armen,
Just thought I would write to let you know that the car is great we all just love it. Thank you once again that was the easiest car that I ever purchased. It was so easy that I still cant believe that the car is mine and I have to go out look in the driveway for the car.
Denis J.
Petaluma, CA
April 13, 2006
Eleanore Hurley
Dear Chris,
Hi Chris, Just this short note to thank you for everything. I absolutely love my truck! Perfect! The service you extended to me is truly appreciated, most especially making it so easy for me with the paperwork & delivering my truck to me! I didn't even have to leave! Thank you again!
Eleanore Hurley
Grass Valley, CA
March 26, 2006
Iain Murray
Dear Armen, Chris and Pete,

I would like to thank you for all your help in the purchase of my new Mazda 3 last month. I am really enjoying driving my first new car in many years. It was a pleasure working with all of you, and you made buying a new car such a pain-free experience. I don't think I would have got the color I wanted, and I probably would have settled for something else if I bought it myself from the dealer. You guys made all the difference, and I know you went to alot of trouble to get me the exact car I wanted.

I also want to thank you for your honesty when the first car I wanted had port damage. I really apprecated that. I will recommend Diamond-Motors to anyone I know who is in the market for a new car. You were all so accomodating and I know you worked hard to get everything just right.

Thank you again,
Iain S. Murray
September 28, 2005
Tarrick and Pete,

How are you? I just wanted to say Thanks to both for all your help in making this big decision easier for me. I absolutely love the car, especially now that my spoiler is on!

I have been talking about the service level I received from Diamond Motors and how much fun it was to go thru that experience. Thanks Tarrick for introducing me to your office and thanks Pete for driving all the way down to pick me up to get the car.

Here is a picture of my car and my boys before the spoiler. We are all happy but my oldest son thinks I'm a little excessive in keeping it clean... Hope all is well with both of you.. Tarrick, we still need to connect for lunch.

San Jose, CA
March 26, 2005
Dear Armen and gang,

I write you this letter to show my appreciation for the hard work you have all put in to find the perfect car for my wants and needs. It has now been a month since I purchased my car, and I am 110% satisfied. When I gave you a call after totaling my old car, you guided me and lead me in all the right directions to find the car I desired. You were very polite and helpful and were able to answer all my questions and concerns about finding the right car for me. Even when I called you 5 times a day you were able to maintain your kindness and answer all my questions in the same manner you answered my first question. After the goodexperience I have had with your company, I can, without any hesitation, recommend any new car buyer to give you a call before they begin their search for a new car. The customer service was an A+, the pricing was an A+, the quality of the car was an A+, and convenience was an A+++. I was able to do everything that was needed in minimal time because you were able to get back to me quickly, and answer my questions accuratley, and I was able to contact you via email and via phone. I don't think I could have asked for anything more fromyou and Diamond-Motors on my 1st new car purchase. In all honesty, I expected it to be a lot more difficult than what it was. I thank you all at Diamond-Motors for the great work you do on a day to day basis. I know who I will callin the future when me and my family or friends need to purchase a new - DIAMOND-MOTORS!

A Satisfied Client,
Shant Palayan
San Francisco, CA
December 7, 2004
Hi Armen,

Thank you so much for our 2005 Honda Odyssey! The car and the service we received from you and your staff have far exceeded our highest expectations.

Back in September, we first started talking about getting a new car. We liked the Honda Odyssey and when we read what was going into the new 2005 model, we had to have it. So my husband,Carlos, visited the Honda dealership to get a feel for the price and the wait time to get one. The Honda dealership said they were selling for $5000 over MSRP and that it was a 6 month wait. We were not willing to pay $5000 over MSRP so we felt resigned to waiting a year until we could get the car at a more affordable price. We also had to sell our Prelude and we did not want to haggle with the dealership over the trade-in value so we attempted to sell it ourselves.

Three months later, my dad tells me his friend bought a car from Diamond Motors and that they charge a flat fee only, no commissions, and they can get any new car out there. We were not making any progress in selling our Prelude so we figured why not call Diamond Motors and see if they can help with our trade-in and see if they can get us a decent deal on 2005 Honda Odyssey. We talked to Armen on Monday, November 29 and we picked up our brand new 2005 Honda Odyssey EX with navigation and rear entertainment system (at this point, standard wait time is about 2 months) the following Monday, December 6, and completed our trade-in of our Prelude for a fair price.

Armen was incredible to work with. He was professional, extremely knowledgeable, but most importantly honest and fair. We were clear that he was looking out for our best interests and that he was working to get the best deal possible for us in the time frame we wanted. This was absolutely the easiest, fastest, funnest car buying experience we have ever had. Every time we buy a new car or a friend or family member plans to buy a new car, we are going to Armen and Diamond Motors.

Thanks again for everything!
Abby, Carlos Angel and Makayla
San Mateo, CA
November 23, 2004
Dear Armen,

Thank you for putting Jun in a car so quickly. You were very effective and very efficient. Otherwise it would probably taken him another half a year. Hope everything is going well. Have a Merry Christmas. May your success continue to grow. Thanks for taking such good care of us.

Alice Huang
Burlingame, CA
October 7, 2004
Dear Armen,

Ok, if you are anything like me when buying a car. There is nothing more frustrating than dealing with people that do not know the product they are trying to sell you. When all is said and done they call in the CLOSER out from behind the dark glass to close the deal as the salesman disappears in the darkness. Not a good Feeling!!!

I recently purchased a new vehicle using Diamond-Motors. I have to tell you it was the best experience ever. Met with them on a Saturday and let them know what color vehicle and options I wanted and on Monday I had my car. They did all the paperwork (DMV, Financing, Trade In, Extended Warranty). This entire transaction took 45 minutes max.

So if you are in the market for a new vehicle of any make or model give the guys at DIAMOND MOTORS a call. They are very knowledgeable and will get you a great deal.

Cyndi & Edward Bull
Los Gatos, CA
October 5, 2004
Dear Armen,

I wanted to say thanks to you and Tarrick for your help. I appreciate it. It made a difficult task super easy and pain-free. Thank you for helping me find something that I really like and that works with my budget.

By the way, I still love the graphite color and I am glad that I chose that over the black. Anyways, thanks again and whenever I can send someone your way, I will.

Foster City, CA
September 28, 2004
Dear Armen,

Armen and his team of professionals were awesome. I made one phone call and he found my vehicle in two days. No sales hassles, no problems. We love Diamond Motors!!!!

Pete, Lee, Michael and Liam Caraher
Millbrae, CA
October 2003
Dear Armen,

Thank you for your services on the Pilot. Clearly outside the box and we do appreciate it!

Bryan, Moe & Shelby Harris
June 20, 2003
Dear Armen,

Thank you so much for all your help with my CLK. I truly appreciate everything you have done. You made the process of buying the car extremely easy.

Hourig Tashjian
Mountain View, CA